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Finding the right franchise is like finding a small item in a messy drawer.
With nearly 4,000 franchises from about 90 industries there is so much information that it is hard to choose.

For over 30 years Dr. Needham has helped thousands of franchise buyers just like you Solve The Puzzle Of Buying A Franchise.

If you hired him as a Franchise Advisor, it can cost you $5,000 or more, but he has found a way to save you thousands!

Dr. Needham has created an online course where for less than Dr. Needham charges per hour ($500) you can join with other buyers and clear that clutter so you can make an informed decision.
Here is how it works.
  • You purchase the Solving the Puzzle of Buying a Franchise Course
  • You Follow along with Dr Needham as he takes you though the 9 Puzzle Pieces.
  • Because you are buying online – he will bonus you his Private Coaching Group for 4 months for FREE. Normally, $97 a month (a $388 value FREE).
  • ​You get all his notes and worksheets which are easily worth $997.
  • ​He will also take $100 off the course!
  • ​So All you pay is $397 for the Course and with the BONUSES you get $1,778 in value and your problem is SOLVED!
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Solve the Puzzle of Buying A Franchise
 Solving The Puzzle Live Course
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 Private Coaching Group
($388 Value)
Insider Tools & Expert Tips Pack
($997 Value)
Escaping Economic Slavery Book
($20 Value)
    Total Value: $1,778
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    There Are Only 100 Spots AVAILABLE - After THE PILOT Enrollment Closes the Price WILL go back to $497
    Get Access to the 9-Step Roadmap that Makes Buying Your Dream Franchise Possible RISK-FREE!
    We’re willing to take all the risk. Get access to the course and access to our Exclusive Buyer’s community for 30 Days. If you are not satisfied at all, simply email us at contact@drneedham.com and we’ll refund you every penny.

    Have questions or concerns? We are happy to help. Contact us at: contact@drneedham.com


    Why Should I Buy This Course when a broker or franchisor can help me figure things out... for FREE?
    • Great question! If you know EXACTLY what franchise is best for you, then you don't need this course. However, there are about 4,000 franchise concepts available. If you need to discover the RIGHT FRANCHISE FOR YOU, then you need this course. A broker works only with a few franchises, so you will be limited in your options if you go first to a broker. 
    • ​Your goal is to buy a DREAM FRANCHISE, right? Discover what's best for you by accessing all the insider secrets revealed in this course... before you approach the right broker/consultant.
    Why should I trust this course?
    • Simply, because “I’ve made more mistakes than anyone else" and I can help YOU avoid lots of costly mistakes. 
    • ​I’ve helped develop more than 300 Franchise Concepts as a FRANCHISE DEVELOPER
    • I’ve been A FRANCHISOR myself…
    • ...And I’ve also been a FRANCHISEE more than once.
    • In 33+ years, thousands of clients, small and large... honestly there isn't much I have not seen. So, you can be confident you’ll discover the insider tips and secrets that will help you get the best franchise for you.
    I'm still not convinced... Why should I buy your course?
    • ​We're not in the business of selling Franchises. So, we won't be impacted too much by what franchise you buy. But it will make a huge difference to you and your family if you choose the wrong franchise. The choice is simple: you can go at it on your own hoping to figure it out yourself OR you can learn from someone who worked with thousands of individuals to create a clear roadmap that works
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