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Want to buy the right franchise and avoid costly mistakes?
New 9-Step Roadmap Will Take You From DREAMING about a successful franchise...
To OWNING The Franchise That's Right For You

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Proven 9-Step Roadmap
Walk through the ENTIRE lifecycle of a Franchise in One Course
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Get a Franchise 500 Developer and Founder of Franchise Inc. Working For You, the Buyer.
My name is Dr. Robert Needham.

I'm the founder of Franchise Inc., and for 30 years I've helped thousands of entrepreneurs realize the dream of owning, operating, and exiting a franchise business successfully. 

I've been a Franchise Developer, a Franchisor, and a Franchisee more than once, and along the way.. I've made all the mistakes.
Along the way... I've made all the mistakes
Why not learn from my mistakes (and the thousands of clients I've helped)?

I want to share with you how you can get your hands on the best roadmap to buying the best franchise FOR YOU in a minute…

First, let’s face it...

No one buys a franchise because they want to experience countless headaches, waste money, and end up with a business they hate. 

All the franchisees we talk to want to open a business and work for themselves because:

  • they’ve had enough of working for someone else,
  • ​they dream of becoming independent,
  • ​and they want to become financially secure
Imagine you're stuck at a crossroads. 

What would you do? 

Risk taking the wrong path?  Or ask for directions from someone who knows the roads?

The wise traveler who wants to get to the destination quickly and safely will allow the guide to direct him, would he not? 

This illustrates business so well. 

Every successful person will tell you the same thing: "If you want to achieve success, follow a proven system that works." 

And you know this already.  

That's why you're considering buying a franchise.

  • You prefer following a business plan that works 
  • You'd rather take a 90% success rate (franchises) over a 10% success rate (startups)
  • You aren't willing to put your family's financial safety on the line
There are over 3,500 franchise concepts out there. It's a LOT to consider!
But there's a problem.

There are over 3,500 franchise concepts out there.

If you've done any research whatsoever, you know that. 

It's a LOT to consider!

Many of my clients have shared with me that they feel like a traveler at a crossroads when they find me. 

It's often that they feel lost... confused by the many options... unsure what's best for them.

So, how do you figure this out?
Do You Have A Proven Roadmap?
One time, I was hiking with a friend to see a unique waterfall. 

The pictures we saw online were extraordinary. We couldn’t wait to get there. 

We were looking at the map and we noticed a shorter path to the waterfall. 

Who wouldn't take the shorter path if they could?

Well… the “shorter path” took us through some private property. 

To make it to our destination we would’ve had to jump over a fence… trespass… and possibly get shot... before reaching our destination. 

So, taking the wrong way only made our hike longer (not to mention it was a scary experience). 

When it comes to buying your franchise business, every wrong turn can cost you a lot of time or a lot of money. 

That's why...

...you need a proven roadmap

...to buy the best franchise FOR YOU

...and then take advantage of all the resources available to you to make your franchise SUCCESSFUL

You have two options

1. Try this on your own

2. Let a franchise expert help you achieve your dream quicker and in the most cost-effective way.
When it comes to choosing the best franchise concept for yourself, you first have to ASSESS where you are… 
Did you ever get lost in a new city?

It's frustrating, isn't it? 

Yet, if you want to reach your destination, you have to first figure out where you're at! 

It's the same in business. 

Choosing the right franchise is easy when you assess where you are… what your skills are… what your experiences are. 

And then you choose a franchise concept that works FOR YOU instead of AGAINST YOU - franchise that will help you ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS. 
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The Couple Who Almost Spent $200,000 on the Wrong Franchise
I had a customer who told me he was certain that he needed to buy a restaurant franchise... because his wife was good cook! 

Funny thing, he never discussed that with her. LOL 

He went through our program and realized that the restaurant idea wasn't the right franchise for his family. 

After coming into agreement, this client and his wife bought a franchise they had never considered for LESS MONEY and are happy franchise owners today. 

Remember, the franchise you buy should help you ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS

And there are over 3,500 franchise concepts you can choose from. 

One is likely right for you, but which one? 

We have a Proven System to help you choose..

Not only will it help you choose, but it will also help you 
Avoid Losing Thousands of Dollars In Your Search
Once you identify the best franchise concept for you, you must research the options available. 

You don’t want to make the mistake Mike did…

Mike knew he wanted to buy a franchise business. 

The franchise model made sense to him: you get all the resources needed to make you succeed.

The problem is he hired a lawyer to research franchises for him.

Now, you should use the right professionals in the process of buying your franchise, at the right time.

But you should DEFINITELY NOT HIRE an attorney to research franchises for you.

There comes a point in the process when you will definitely need to hire a lawyer to review your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and franchise agreement. And that lawyer... he'd better be one who understands franchising.

Sadly, Mike spent $20,000 in attorney fees… instead of a fee of only about $2,000 or so for reviewing the FDD and the franchise agreement at the right time in the process. 

Mike wasted $18,000 because he didn't know better… that’s a big chunk of money for most of us. 

Needless to say, you don’t have to make the mistake Mike did, when you use the right roadmap to buy your franchise business. 

But jumping head first in the search for your franchise, without knowing what to look for, what questions to ask, or without knowing how to present yourself to franchisors… is simply foolhardy. 

Did you know there are at least 4 free ways to research the available options for you?

Since you are here, I know you're not a reckless person… you're wise to do your diligence before you make any decision.

Because you’re reading this message, you have the unique opportunity

...to access the 9-Step Roadmap that will help you
...go from dreaming about running a successful franchise
...to owning the franchise that is RIGHT for YOU

...All this, while saving thousands of dollars because you know how to avoid the common pitfalls franchisees encounter. 
You might ask... How Can I Trust Your Roadmap?
I always tell my clients: “you’re paying me because I’ve made more mistakes than anyone else." 

And they pay me thousands to save them from making a lot more costly mistakes

I’ve helped develop more than 300 Franchise Concepts as a FRANCHISE DEVELOPER…

I’ve been A FRANCHISOR myself…

...And I’ve also been a FRANCHISEE more than once.

In 33+ years, thousands of clients, small and large... honestly there isn't much I have not seen.

Quite simply, I know I can help you create a winning strategy based on your unique skills and experiences… 

...I can save you money and a lot of unnecessary headaches... I do it all the time!
Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance…And You Now Have Access to the Tools To Prep Well
A mentor used to always tell me: 

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

You HAVE TO KNOW what to expect at each stage of the process… You must make sure to avoid skipping steps... it will eliminate a lot of stress and loss.  

Every wrong turn will cost you something

I know I’m repeating myself... Yet, it's important to remind you that you have to know what to expect
My team has helped thousands of people ask the right questions, get the right answers, and I’m excited to share with you all the insider tips so that you can achieve your financial dreams as you buy your franchise. 

Since I don't sell franchises, I can focus on working for you, the buyer. 

Frankly, it makes no sense why anyone would want to do this without having access to a clear roadmap to success.
Solving the Puzzle of Buying a Franchise...Your Roadmap for Success
Now, you don’t have to learn this on your own! 

You can get access to the PILOT version of a New course, based on our Proven Method used by thousands already.

You can now discover how you can model their success so that you can achieve your goals too.

You’ll discover the 9 pieces to Solving The Puzzle of Buying a Franchise and the steps you need to take at each stage: 

The Keys You'll Discover Inside This Course...
Inside of Solving the Puzzle of Buying A Franchise I will be sharing with you the 9 Puzzle Pieces you will need to buying a Franchise that's right for you.
#1 Assess: This is where you discover how to assess yourself and use that to determine where you want to go. In this module, you will also learn the Secrets Your Banker and Employer Won’t Tell You.
#​2 Gather: As you start your search for the franchise business of your own, Gather will help you find the materials you will need to avoid costly mistakes.
#​3 Investigate: Using the materials you gathered, I will show you how to investigate the data and separate FACTS from sales HYPE.
​#4 Negotiate: Once you have found the franchise concept for you, then you have to know HOW to negotiate. Discover the secrets to negotiation that won't make you lose your opportunity to buy.
#5 Purchase: Purchasing your own business may be the single largest financial decision of your life. In this module, you will learn how to do it right. Know what to pay and when.
​#6 Train: It is likely you have never operated the business concept you will choose. The exciting benefit of franchising is that you'll be trained to operate your new business. But you must know how to get the most of your training.

​#7 Manage: Planning, Personnel, Paperwork and Public Relations are all key management techniques to leading a successful franchise. Learn how to manage to win.

​#8 Operate: Understanding Protocols, Procedures, Plan-O-Grams, Purchasing and Promotions are all essential to operating a franchise business at a profit. 
​#9 Exit: As time passes, you will be faced with new decisions like 'should I expand, sell or transfer my business as a family legacy?'. In this chapter, you learn your options.
Franchises in every market you can dream of:
  • Health & Fitness
  • Education
  • ​Cleaning/Maint.
  • Financial Services
  • ​Pet Services
  • Printing and Packing
  • Photo and Video
  • ​Retail
  • Senior Services
  • ​Travel
And now I want to help you to choose your Ideal Franchise based on what is the right fit for you, and get your started on your journey to Owning a successful Franchise.
In this Course You'll discover:

  • The 3 things you must discuss before you buy a franchise
  • ​When is a franchise better than a start-up?
  • ​The 3-2-1 process for analyzing franchises
  • ​The questions to ask other franchisees, franchisors, and even potential consultants (lawyers and CPAs) 
My Special Offer to You
Because this is the first time I’m putting all of this information into a video format, I want to make you an irresistible offer. 

I want to give you access to the complete roadmap to Solving the Puzzle of Buying a Franchise and allow you to ask me questions as I build this content out. 

Instead of hiring me for $500/hour, you will have direct access to me. 

If you’re lost in the fog or feel like there’s more to learn, I want to help you bust through that fog and give you a proven success map. 

By sharing with me your feedback as I build out the course, you get full access to transferring my brain into yours and leave no questions unanswered during our Q&A sessions.

Me, and you.

We’re all coming from different backgrounds with different levels of success, different goals, and different versions of what we see our future looking like…

That’s why I’m going to spend one hour every other week letting you ask any and every question that comes to your mind. 

These sessions are devoted entirely to helping you realize you can do this! 

If I had to put a value on these 8 Private Group Advisory sessions (which you'll access in a private group), they are a $4,000 value.

You can make the process of buying your own franchise a lot less complicated than most people make it to be. 

If you’ve gotten stuck at any point in the process, these sessions are there to get you rapidly unstuck and help you build more momentum than you’ve ever dreamed possible.

Enroll Now...
Solving the Puzzle: The 9 Step Roadmap To Buying a Franchise that's Right for You
I want to see you succeed.

As I mentioned before, I normally charge $500/hour in my advisory business.

This class includes:

9 live video trainings - about 10 hours of training - which would normally cost $5,000 for one-on-one sessions.

But I've decided to offer this class online - for only $397!

AND I am also adding 8 live Q&A advisory sessions, worth $4,000.

However, you won't have to pay $4,000. 

Not even $1,000.
Because I'm doing this training in a new format - online - the first 100 who sign up for the initial live trainings and give me feedback on this "Pilot Course" will get 
a special rate of only $397.

  Space is limited for this offer. We can only accommodate 100 students for the Pilot Course because I want to make sure they get special access to me during the advisory calls. Having more students won't allow me to give them enough attention.

After we fill up, the price will go up to the normal $497 rate.
What Are Others Saying About 'Solving The Puzzle?'
"Finding the right franchise and winning in your own business is a puzzle. It’s solvable, but there are many pieces. This information is like the cover on the puzzle box which shows what the picture is supposed to look like when you are done."
 - Joe Mathews Founding Partner
Franchise Performance Group
Co-author Street Smart Franchising
"Solving the Puzzle of Buying A Franchise is a well thought out manual to franchise buyers that is written in a very user friendly, modular format... filled with practical examples as well as short quotes of wisdom to help guide your franchise journey." 
- Don Sniegowski, Chief Executive Officer
Blue MauMau, Inc.
"A few years ago, I sought out Robert’s service as a franchise developer for my weight loss center. Robert’s uncanny way of articulating his thoughts cut right through all the “fluff” and got right to the meat and potatoes. He helped me lean out my business plan so I could help others enjoy a Lean and Healthy lifestyle." 
- Jaime Brenkus, International Fitness Expert
8 Minute Workouts
"Robert Needham, JD, PhD leaves no stone unturned in this material. A wealth of information that you will not find anywhere else. Easy to read, understand and comprehend. This course and material should be REQUIRED for anyone contemplating the thought of buying a franchise." 
- Dottie Randazzo, President
Professional Legal Assistors
This Material Has Already Helped Thousands of Franchise Buyers Around The World...
The Question Is: 
Are YOU Next?
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Bonus #1 - Interactive Expert Interviews
All Your Questions Answered By Experts... In Real Time
(4-Months Free Access)
Total Value: $268
My goal is to give you EVERYTHING you need to build a profitable business that pays you to live your life on your terms instead of grinding your days away barely getting ahead or building someone else’s empire… AT A JOB!

Inside Dr. Needham's Franchise Buyers Private Group we get together with some of the most brilliant minds who are willing to share their experience and knowledge around buying and running a successful franchise business. 

Whether it’s research, agreements, taxes, asking the right questions, negotiating for the right things...you name it, these sessions are so value-packed that you’re going to love the growth you'll experience once you apply the insights learned.

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Bonus #2 - 4-Month Access To Dr. Needham's Franchise Buyer Community
Stay Unstuck, Motivated, and Focused By Taking The Journey With People Just Like You
Total Value: $388
If there’s one thing I can attribute my success to more than anything else, it’s having a community of people around me all focused on the same mission in life.

When you have questions, you get stuck, you’re losing motivation, you’re getting distracted, or you simply want to connect with people just like you…

Dr. Needham’s Franchise Buyers' exclusive Facebook Community is exactly what you need when you need it most. 

This is my private community of up and coming successful franchisees and you will get the first 4-months FREE (a $388 value).

Get This For FREE When You Enroll Now!
Bonus #3 - 9 Insider Tools and Expert Tips
Progress Faster to the next stage in the process
Total Value: $873.00
Worth easily $97 each in consulting, each of these tools will help you progress faster to the next stage in the process.

After you review the training, you will have a clear tool to apply your knowledge to your journey.

These tools make application more effective. And that's important because we all know that success comes only when you take action. 

Get This For FREE When You Enroll Now!
Bonus #4 - Escaping Economic Slavery
A journey from scarcity to abundance through sharing capitalism
Total Value: $20
If you purchase this course at this deeply discounted price, and share the journey with me, I have a SPECIAL Gift for you that will arrive after you are on board.

Get This For FREE When You Enroll Now!

Time Is Of The Essence...
As shared above, in 33+ years, after helping thousands of clients, small and large, honestly there is not much I have not seen.

Let me help you avoid the mistakes made by others… 

We've only got 100 spots for our Pilot Course, and when they're gone, we will be raising our price to $497.

If this page is still here, then the offer is live. 

My team and I wanted to make this a no-brainer decision.
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Have questions or concerns? We are happy to help. Contact us at: contact@drneedham.com
There Is NO CATCH!
Because I want your honest feedback on this Pilot course, you get a ridiculously low price...
Yes, I am actually giving you $6,046 in value.

My team and I want to make this a no-brainer decision. 

For a single, one-time investment of ONLY $397, you’re getting access to the ENTIRE Solving the Puzzle of Buying A Franchise model, and all $6,046 worth of bonuses… 

In the future we plan to charge for both our community group, and our interactive expert masterminds in the near future.

... If you’re tired of being buried in information, losing sleep at night because you’re afraid you’ll make the wrong decisions…

... Or you’re ready to shorten the learning curve so that you can buy your successful franchise quicker and more efficiently…

Solving the Puzzle of Buying a Franchise is the big break you’ve been waiting for… the one that’s going to simplify your life and help you build more momentum than you thought possible.

See you on the inside!

Dr. Robert A Needham

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here's the offer:

I've spent more than 30 years teaching, coaching, and mentoring Franchisees, and I've prepared a 9-Module Course to teach you everything you need to successfully buy a franchise. 

If it sounds too good to be true... well, I'm offering this ridiculous offer because I want your feedback on this Pilot Course based on a proven model that has helped thousands become happy franchise buyers. 

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Solving the Puzzle of Buying A Franchise
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